1: Indulge in 15-minute Creamy Lemon Garlic Butter Shrimp, a perfect treat for Mom.

2: Fresh spinach and Mediterranean flavors make this dish a favorite among moms.

3: Sauté shrimp in a creamy lemon garlic butter sauce for a decadent meal.

4: Easy and quick to make, this dish is perfect for busy moms.

5: Enjoy the creamy and flavorful shrimp with a side of spinach.

6: Treat Mom to a delicious Mediterranean-inspired meal in just 15 minutes.

7: Moms will love the zesty lemon, garlic, and butter in this dish.

8: This creamy shrimp dish is a great way to show appreciation for Mom.

9: Make Mom's day special with this easy and delightful 15-minute meal.