1: Fans have eagerly awaited the NCIS spinoff with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo.

2: The chemistry between Weatherly and de Pablo is undeniable in the spinoff.

3: The spinoff promises to bring back the beloved characters of Tony and Ziva.

4: The spinoff will explore the dynamic between Tony and Ziva in a new light.

5: Weatherly and de Pablo's return to the NCIS universe is highly anticipated.

6: Fans can't wait to see the familiar faces in the new spinoff series.

7: The spinoff's storyline is sure to captivate fans of the original NCIS series.

8: Weatherly and de Pablo's reprisal of their iconic roles is a major draw for fans.

9: The NCIS spinoff with Weatherly and de Pablo is definitely worth the wait in May 2024.