1: 1. NYC's Ball Drop is a famous New Year's Eve tradition. 2. The event takes place in Times Square every year.

2: 3. Over a million people gather to watch the ball drop. 4. The tradition started in 1907.

3: 5. The ball is made of Waterford crystal. 6. It weighs nearly 12,000 pounds.

4: 7. The ball is covered in over 2,600 Waterford crystals. 8. It is illuminated by over 32,000 LEDs.

5: 9. The ball is raised to the top of a 77-foot pole. 10. It takes 60 seconds for the ball to drop.

6: 11. The ball drop is broadcasted worldwide. 12. The event culminates in a fireworks display.

7: 13. The New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square is free. 14. The tradition symbolizes the passing of time.

8: 15. The event has been held every year since 1907. 16. The ball drop is synchronized with the stroke of midnight.

9: 17. Attendees can expect live performances and entertainment. 18. NYC's Ball Drop is a must-see experience for locals and tourists alike.