1: Japan Indulge in mouthwatering takoyaki balls and savory okonomiyaki pancakes in Japan.

2: Thailand Satisfy your cravings with Thailand's flavorful pad Thai and aromatic tom yum soup.

3: Mexico Experience the spicy kick of tacos al pastor and the richness of authentic Mexican street corn.

4: India Explore India's diverse street food scene with samosas, chaat, and buttery pav bhaji.

5: Italy Tantalize your taste buds with Italy's pizza al taglio and crispy arancini balls.

6: Vietnam Discover the fragrant pho and fresh spring rolls of Vietnam's bustling street markets.

7: Turkey Delight in Turkey's juicy doner kebabs and sweet Turkish delight as you wander the streets.

8: South Korea Feast on crispy Korean fried chicken and spicy tteokbokki in South Korea's vibrant street food stalls.

9: Peru Taste the unique flavors of Peru with ceviche and anticuchos, traditional street food favorites.