1: Get ready for the iPhone 16! Rumored features include 6G connectivity and LiDAR scanner improvements.

2: Expect an upgraded A16 chip for lightning-fast performance on the iPhone 16.

3: Say goodbye to the notch - the iPhone 16 is rumored to feature a hidden under-display camera.

4: Enjoy a stunning ProMotion display on the iPhone 16 for buttery-smooth scrolling and gaming.

5: Enhanced battery life is in store for the iPhone 16, with improved efficiency and power management.

6: Experience improved Face ID technology on the iPhone 16 for faster and more secure unlocking.

7: Capture stunning photos with the iPhone 16's upgraded camera system and advanced computational photography.

8: Get ready for 1TB of storage on the iPhone 16, perfect for storing all your photos and videos.

9: Stay tuned for the official announcement of the iPhone 16, and get ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest from Apple.