1: "Stay Active With Light Exercises" Simple workouts on loop will tone your core & burn belly fat.

2: "Morning Walks" Enjoy sunrise strolls to kickstart metabolism & shed excess weight.

3: "Yoga Poses" Twist & stretch away belly fat with yoga poses targeting abs.

4: "Bike Rides" Cruise through summer on a bike to melt belly fat away.

5: "Swimming Sessions" Cool off & slim down with refreshing swims for a toned core.

6: "Jump Rope Workouts" Hop, skip, & jump to a slimmer waistline with rope exercises.

7: "Dance Cardio" Sizzle calories with fun dance routines for a flat tummy.

8: "Pilates Routine" Engage your core & trim belly fat with Pilates workouts.

9: "HIIT Workouts" Sweat it out with high-intensity interval training to burn fat fast.