1: Discover the rarest coins in Britain, from the 1933 penny to the 1819 George III sovereign.

2: The valuable 1933 penny is worth over £72,000 if found. Learn about its history and significance.

3: Uncover the story behind the 1819 George III sovereign, valued at £881,000 for its rarity and age.

4: Explore the unique 1943 silver threepence, potentially worth £100,000 for its scarcity and design.

5: Delve into the world of the 2020 Peter Rabbit 50p coin, with values reaching up to £500 for collectors.

6: Learn about the 2009 Kew Gardens 50p, considered the rarest UK coin with prices exceeding £400.

7: Discover the rarity of the 1983 New Pence 2p coin, worth up to £650 for its limited mintage.

8: The 1971 British Army 2p coin is a collectible piece, valued at around £1000 for its historical significance.

9: Wrap up your coin collection with the 1945 Silver threepence, potentially worth up to £2000 for its precious metal content.