1: Introduction Discover the Top 10 Most Valuable Wheat Pennies of 2024.

2: 1909-S VDB The 1909-S VDB is a key date in the Lincoln cent series.

3: 1955 Double Die The 1955 Double Die is a sought-after variety among collectors.

4: 1943 Copper The 1943 Copper penny is rare and valuable due to its composition.

5: 1914-D The 1914-D is a scarce date with high value in good condition.

6: 1922 No D The 1922 No D is a variety with a missing mintmark.

7: 1909-S The 1909-S is a low mintage coin with significant value.

8: 1944 Steel The 1944 Steel penny is an error caused by a minting mistake.

9: 1909-S Indian Head The 1909-S Indian Head is a prized coin among collectors.