1: Meet Bailey, a Yorkshire Terrier who saved his owner from a house fire. True hero!

2: Lucy, a Yorkshire Terrier, comforts patients at a nursing home. Bringing joy and love.

3: Max, a Yorkshire Terrier, helps a young boy with autism feel calm and happy.

4: Rosie, a Yorkshire Terrier, provides therapy for veterans struggling with PTSD. Unconditional love.

5: Buddy, a Yorkshire Terrier, supports his owner during chemotherapy treatments. Loyal companion.

6: Molly, a Yorkshire Terrier, brings comfort and laughter to children in a hospital. Heartwarming!

7: Tucker, a Yorkshire Terrier, alerts his owner to danger during a medical emergency. Lifesaver.

8: Sophie, a Yorkshire Terrier, offers love and snuggles to seniors in a nursing home. Brightening days.

9: From service dogs to therapy animals, Yorkshire Terriers show us the true meaning of unconditional love. Share your heartwarming stories!